Inner City Hunger Relief & Early Childhood Education Programs

Founded in 1998, In The City for Good is a unique nonprofit organization focused on helping other organizations change our community for the better. We build relationships and leverage the talents of a variety of groups in South Dallas, Texas, to feed the hungry, fight drug addiction and support early childhood education programs.

Donations Welcomed

We are looking for monetary donations so that we may continue to provide and enhance our services. All donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer Opportunities

To become a volunteer, please email us and we will respond back the same day. We are currently looking for board members and people to assist food distributions.

Food Pantry - Early Childhood Education
Associations Include
• Circle of Support™
• Park South YMCA™
• Hope Restoration™
• Vision Regeneration™
• Mount Olive Lutheran Church Food Pantry
• Outcry In The Barrio™
• Our Community Pantry
Contact us to make a donation and help us create early childhood education programs for kids in need in Dallas, Texas.

To Donate make your check payable to
In The City For Good and mail to the following address:

10455 N Central Expressway, Suite 109-140  Dallas, TX 75231