About Us

The structure and operation of In The City for Good is different from most charitable organizations. We are a group of individuals who partner with the leaders of growing charitable organizations in South Dallas. Our experienced business leaders work as assistants alongside the neighborhood leaders of the inner city who have dedicated their lives to addressing some of society’s most devastating problems.

Our goal is not to recreate the good works our partners are doing, but to enhance their efforts by providing services not readily available to grassroots neighborhood organizations. We do this by serving on the boards of our partners, preparing financial reports and providing technical assistance, transportation, volunteers, and financial assistance whenever possible.

Connecting with the Inner City
Bob Woodsen, President and Founder of Center for Neighborhood Enterprize of Washington, DC, commissioned to have a book written on how we have connected with the inner city. This book has been used as a model show how to reach neighborhood organizations..

Some of the nonprofit partner organizations and projects we have been involved with include:
Outcry In The Barrio- 4419 Hamilton Rd, Dallas TX 
Outcry In The Barrio is a faith-based substance abuse ministry and facility that helps substance abusers. Once an individual completes the program, they are reintegrated into society and reunited with their families and children. Our board members raised almost $400,000 to construct a new facility which houses more than 40 men. We continue to provide ongoing monthly support for Outcry In The Barrio’s operations.
Circle of Support- 4200 Metropolitan Ave, Dallas, TX
This is an eight-week summer learning and enrichment program for girls and boys in South Dallas. More than 325 children are attending this program at the Joseph J. Rhodes Learning Center this summer. We have provided funding for teachers, lunches, and other costs associated with the program over the years. We currently share a board member with Circle of Support.
Park South YMCA- 2500 Romine Ave, Dallas, TX
Park South YMCA provides an array of services, including teaching more than 2,000 inner-city children to swim and providing daily preschool education to more than 50 children. We are an Urban Swim partner that helped provide funding for these children’s swim lessons and are building a teaching garden and safe area where the children can play and learn.
Mt. Olive Food Pantry- 3100 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX  
The Mt. Olive Food Pantry provides meals for the homeless and food for needy families. Many of the recipients of these services are children. We have provided funding for food donations and volunteers to this important charity.
Hope Restoration- 3905 Bertrand Ave, Dallas, TX
Hope Restoration seeks to restore hope in the community through job training and counseling services for ex-offenders, addicts, and the grief stricken. They also provide assistance to the homeless, senior citizens, and working parents. We are a major sponsor of the Summer Of Hope children’s camp each year.
Our Community Pantry-1502 Pennsylvania Avenue
This extraordinary food pantry is a state of the art client choice pantry professionaly operated by the North Texas Food Bank. We acquired a abandoned building from the city of Dallas and turned it into this pantary.

Contact us in Dallas, Texas, to learn how you can support our inner city charity. Even the smallest donation can make a big difference.