improving lives, one community at time.


Founded in 1998, In The City for Good is a unique nonprofit organization focused on helping other organizations change our community for the better. We build relationships and leverage the talents of a variety of groups in South Dallas, Texas, to feed the hungry, fight drug addiction and support early childhood education programs.

The structure and operation of In The City for Good is different from most charitable organizations. We are a group of individuals who partner with the leaders of growing charitable organizations in South Dallas. Our experienced business leaders work as assistants alongside the neighborhood leaders of the inner city who have dedicated their lives to addressing some of society’s most devastating problems.

Our goal is not to recreate the good works our partners are doing, but to enhance their efforts by providing services not readily available to grassroots neighborhood organizations. We do this by serving on the boards of our partners, preparing financial reports and providing technical assistance, transportation, volunteers, and financial assistance whenever possible.

Donations are welcome so we may continue to provide and enhance our services. All donations are tax deductible.


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